Software Engineer (Perth, Western Australia)

Pro australskou společnost zabývající se vývojem CRM systému hledáme programátory a software inženýry. 

Po osvědčení (6 měsíců) firma nabízí sponzorship —> trvalý pobyt v Ausrálii s full time pracovním povolením vyřídíme

Pracoviště: Perth CBD

Proces náboru: 

  1. on line test pod dohledem (v kanceláři Prima Austrália v Praze)
  2. samostatné zpracování zadaného úkolu (v kanceláři Prima Austrália v Praze)
  3. skype pohovor s technikem a s přímým manažerem a majitelem firmy v češtině nebo angličtině

Požadovan úroven AJ při vycestování - INTERMEDIATE

Možnost práce přes den, odpledne nebo večer, podle preferencí zaměstnance. 

Klíčové požadavky, náplň práce a informace o firmě najdete v příloze. 

Sponsorship available for Non Australian Resident

Key responsibilities

  • Focus on developing and delivering customised solutions while maintaining operational procedures and practices, data integrity and health of the platform.
  • Close collaboration with project manager, lead engineer and the team to maintain and develop innovative solutions and to empower client’s businesses to excel and grow.

Key tasks

  • Development and maintenance of extensive PHP code base
  • Relational data modeling
  • Designing and implementing solutions based on system design
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Responding to all queries from lead engineer and project manager


  • Demonstrable experience with PHP (3+ years)
  • Demonstrable knowledge of web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, etc
  • Good knowledge of relational databases (MySQL), version control tools (GIT)
  • A solid understanding of OO and MVC design principles, RESTful APIs, HTTP protocol and general web architecture
  • You write clear and concise code that teammates want to read and build upon
  • Ability to write code that performs at scale
  • Proficiency with UNIX commands
  • Any experience with major JS frameworks such as Angular is welcomed

Skills and personal attributes

  • You are self starter who takes ownership of your work
  • You are willing to contribute meaningfully when the team is solving challenging tasks
  • You have genuine enthusiasm and love of programming
  • Reasonable communication and interpersonal skills (written or oral)
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Team player
  • High attention to detail
  • Self motivated with a proactive approach to assigned tasks
  • Determination, patience and persistence to overcome obstacles in achieving objectives
  • Effective time management

About Fortix

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Q1  What products and/or services do you provide?

We help our clients to scale up their business by centralising and visualising all business processes in a single, easy to use business management system – Fortix Freedom.

Our clients love the fact that they are in better control of their business and can focus on high value activities while maddening repetitive tasks are completed by our software.

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Q2  What are the three key strengths that make your business successful?

Since its inception, Fortix has had a caring, honest and open approach towards all its stakeholders. Despite our growth, it has been paramount for us to retain high ethical standards in our dealings with customers.  We believe this to be the 'right way to do things' in business, and a major factor in our high customer retention numbers.  Our client retention rate is 98% and we still do business with our very first customers.

1. Living by our Values

Without rapid response times to customer queries and requests, we would simply not be in business.  We pride ourselves in our fast and efficient customer response, with KPIs in place (see KPIs) to ensure we meet the high standards we set. We deliver on our promises.

2. Powerful Product

The Fortix product offerings are at the forefront of modern technological trends - using Cloud computing and Software as a Service, our Managed Business Systems offer clients superior products that help their businesses grow. The Return on Investment (ROI) on our applications can be measured in months, not years, resulting in high levels of client satisfaction.

3. Strategic Growth Plans

We are building our future on partnerships. Our key partners are technology companies such as XERO, Advantage Pay, Eway, Mailchimp and large businesses such as Moore Stephens, Mulchnet, SignARama and others. Our advisory board helped us create a 10 year strategic plan.

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